Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just a few items I added to Ebay:))

Hi! I hope everyone is having a good beginning of the week we had horrible weather today so I worked a little on my Ebay listing. We had hale and high winds and alot of rain I was freaking because "The Boy" was at school so the bad weather came in about 1:00pm and I went over to the school and picked him up a little early. By the time we got back from the school I was thinking we would need a boat to get back in our yard:))
I also wanted to tell my scrapping buddy Kari to get well "SOONER" because we need to get together and Scrap!!!:))
I hope to talk to you guys soon!


ScrappyGypsy said...

GIRL! I gotta know about that blue and red swirly paper.....who makes that and where can I get some????

Missy's Blog said...

Love your new creations ... they are darling. I especially love the frog one!!

Wow ... sounds like ya'll had some pretty severe weather. It's funny because I grew up in Florida and literally every day during the summer we would have thunder/lightning storms. It never, ever bothered me ... until we moved to Virginia. I guess it's something about the tall trees around us that makes the thunder/lightning seem worse than in a "no tree" zone.

I hope your friend Kari feels better soon!

Cecile said...

Hey Michelle thanks for taking a peak! The paper you are interested in I purchased from Michael's and it's DCWV Pocket Full Of Posies and that sheet is named "star posies" they have several from that line that are similar and the flourish in the bottom right side of the page I cut from my Cricut and embellished w/ sticklea and primas..Hope this help.Take care..Cecile:))

Kari said...

Awww...so cute! It looks like you had a way more productive day than me yesterday. But that frog? Hmm...Just kidding.
I think I "might" be feeling better a little now, but it is cold outside so I want to take a nap.
I do want to get together soon, I haven't touched anything since last time which is very sad.