Monday, March 10, 2008

Our SPRING BREAK begins Friday:))

Good Morning!
I hope everone had a GREAT weekend and we all are over the Tagging. It was FUN:))
Cole has 4 days of school this week (really only 3 days because he is at home w/ me today with a vicious migraine) and then he is out for "Spring Break" They have 10 days!WOOOOHOOOO...It seems too early but Easter is earlier this year I think?????
Have a good Monday!!


ScrappyGypsy said...

OOOO so sorry to hear about the migraine! I get those too, I really feel for the little guy! Our spring break starts April 7.....
Yes Easter is early this year! We are having a potluck lunch and egg hunt for the kids next Sunday after Church, the 16th I think it is. The Easter is the 23rd. It is early but it feels a little springy in the air doesn't it???? I love spring and fall, but I HATE summer. Just too hot here and too many bugs!!! By the way, the updated blog background is cool, very edgy and graphic!

Andi said...

Hi Cecile! I got the link to your blog from my friend Missy and wanted to stop by and say Hi! I live in Florida in the town where Missy is from. I like to scrapbook too.

Your little boy is a cutie.

My blog is private but I would love to send you an invitation to stop by. I can't seem to find an email address on your profile so if you would like to email it to me at I will send an invitaiton your way. All you have to do is accept and you can get into my blog.

lynn said...

Hi Cecile-
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. So sweet of you to post a link to my blog here. Feel free to visit me anytime and if you would like to add my Etsy shop link here, that'd be great too.

Missy's Blog said...

Spring Break ... I know you guys are looking forward to that!!

I sure hope that migraine went away fast and he's feeling better!!