Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

Update: Cole made it all day and He said the CRCT wasn't hard..So I feel better now that He is at home w/me!! Thanks for the sweet thoughts :))
Hey Everybody!
As most of my friends know my son Cole has been really sick last week and the Dr says it could take up to another week for the appetite to come back and nausea to go away but today starts the CRCT testing in our county and he had to go to school today feeling less that 100%. So If everyone could say a little prayer for him to make it through today and this week I would greatly appreciate that :))
Take care!
Have a GREAT day!!


Missy's Blog said...

Awwww ... I hope he feels better and we will definately keep Cole in our prayers.

Is there anyway he could stay home and take the tests as a make-up?

ScrappyGypsy said...

Poor Cole! I am praying that he gets better soon!!!