Monday, May 5, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Day Tuesday May 6th!

Teachers Survival Kit
Mounds: for the mounds of stuff
you teach
Crayons: to color your day bright and
Band-aids: for when things get a
little rough
Sponge: to soak of the overflow, when
your brain is too full
Puzzle Pieces: without you, things would
not be complete
Lifesavers: for when you’ve had one of
those days
Milky way: You are out of this world!
Hugs and Kisses: to make everything all
Peanuts: Go a little Nutty!
Bath Salts: "to take you away" you deserve
a quiet break
Cup: for when yours is overflowing

We made this cute little basket for Cole's teacher
for Teacher Appreciation Day Tuesday.
Have a great week!!


Missy's Blog said...

This is amazing ... she is going to LOVE it!!!!

ScrappyGypsy said...

What a great idea! How sweet of you! You know, at our crop this weekend I used the paper you sent me. The page turned out so cute! Watch for it when I post in on the blog ok?

Andi said...

Hi Cecile! How absolutely adorable and so creative. I'm sure Cole's teacher was thrilled with her gift. How thoughtful of you.