Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How is July almost over??

I just got my first blogger Award from my friend Adrienne at she'e the girl that has the cool sketches monthly so when you have time go over and say hello:)) Thanks Adrienne you are a sweetie:))
How is July almost over???
I know it's a silly question but this summer has flown by. Cole has 1 week from today and school starts back. He is going to the 4th grade and from what I hear it's a pretty hard year.He is in a GT (gifted & talented) class and that makes it harder because they don't spend the 1st 9 weeks back to school over viewing the 3rd grade curriculum they just jump in the new 4th grade curriculum.Well, It is what it is and it's on us so we will make the best of it..And I know he will succeed in anything he does but being MOM I have to stress it:))
I hope that your summer had been or is very Fun and Productive:))
I am off to finish up the remaining laundry so that I might get a little scrapping in before later this afternoon I need to cut the grass but I have to wait until it cools off a bit it's 95 degrees and the heat index is over 100 degrees so I will wait...
Have a good one!


Bonnie said...

I know what you mean.....where did the time go? I can't believe how fast this year is going. What a great award from your friend. That's so nice. I don't envy you the laundry or the grass. I only do laundry once a week and of course now that we are getting much needed rain the grass has to be mowed twice a week. And they are both my jobs. LOL. Hope you get some scrapbooking in. Have a great night!

ScrappyGypsy said...

I seems the summer just began! Thankfully we still have 5 weeks of summer....we don't start school til after Labor Day! We better get these kids together soon or summer will be over!

*Jilly* said...

Good luck in the 4th grade Cole!
I am sure you will so just fine:)

Missy's Blog said...

I can hardly believe it's the last day of July too.

August is tomorrow ...

I know Cole will be successful in 4th grade. The way you've described him, he will fit right in and adjust to the curriculum with no problems.

I love cutting the grass too ... it's one of the few outside things I really enjoy doing.

Hope you have a Happy Thursday!!