Sunday, August 17, 2008

SketchBook New Zealand ~ Olympics

Journaling reads-
Cole's MOM that's who I am. When I became a MOM almost 10 years ago I lost my name and became "Cole's Mom" to all of the kids. I can tell you that their is no greater feeling or honor than being called "Cole's Mom".

Kari and I found this fun forum yes it's in New Zealand but anyone can join in on the fun and play along with the Scrapbook Olympics. All that you have to do is pick a counrty and get started. Just remember that they are ahead of us in time 16 hours so if you do decide to join in the deadline for the US will be 16 hours ahead of the deadline stated on the forum:))
The "Opening Ceramony" and "Warm-Ups " are going on now I have posted my first layout above..I hope that you join in...So far it's been fun and the girls are so nice and they have some awesome sponsors so you know what that means GREAT PRIZES!!!
~~Below is the E-mail that was sent to me about the Olympics. ~~

The Olympics has started over at The Sketch Book.Check out all the details of the competition of the year over on our blog( or on the Forum here: is still plenty of time to choose a country to represent and signup!! We have a lot of competitors already registered, but there is plenty more room, so don't be shy, a great prize is up for grabs.Hope to see you there soon!-- Thanks, The Sketch Book Team


Bonnie said...

Good Luck, Girl. I know you're gonna take the "Gold". You're layouts are awesome. Keep us posted.

Adrienne said...

TODAY, is the day that voting starts for the contest I entered!
Head on over to my blog
read how to vote for me on the first two posts and have a great time looking through all the entries! :D
Thank you so much for your support!

Christie said...

sweet layout, I love your journalling