Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's That Time Again:(

Summer is over at our house:((
Cole starts school tomorrow so WISH US LUCK.We met his 2 teachers Monday night
and they both seem very nice but we hear through the grapevine (almost every kid thats been in their classes) that they are screamers/yellers but we will have to wait and see:)) It has been Crazy BUSY at our house lately so I have been slacking in the blogging dept.

Have a great night:))
Gotta get the boy to bed!


Anonymous said...

You are right. The Summer went way too fast!! Have a great night!

Kari said...

Ugh, I can't believe summer is over and the kids start school tomorrow. Hopefully we will have a great year! I hope things calm down for you and we can get together. I guess I will see you tomorrow maybe, I will be the one outside crying! LOL!

Bonnie said...

Good Luck, Cole on your first day back to school. I hope your teachers aren't as bad everyone says (they usually aren't). Once you guys get back into a schedule of some sort, there will be plenty of time for scrapping!

debevans said...

wow, I can't believe some schools are starting back so soon!! We have a little bit longer and Van will start PreK (he got in the lottery program). I'm nervous about it but hope it will be good.
Wishing you and Cole good luck on his first day back to school!!

Christie said...

Crazy how fast Summer went by! My kids start next week.
Is it just me, or is school starting earlier and earlier?

*Jilly* said...

It's alright to slack on blogging when you are that busy...we understand:)

Good luck on your first day back Cole..I hope your teachers are cool!