Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beach Pictures

I wanted to share the picture from when we went to the beach last weekend. Me,my Mom,Cole and my niece Katie went to Tybee Island for the day just to bum around we went to a local restaurant called "Spanky's" that has great Chicken Fingers and Cole still got soaked even though I really didn't want him to get wet because he has a sore throat and being late in the year I didn't want him to get sick:))We had a great day!!
2nd post for today is below-the pics wouldn't load correctly so I had to split them up:))


Bonnie said...

The beach pictures are awesome. I couldn't get over no one being on the beach. I guess it is because it is late in the season. I've only been once this year and really want to go one more time before it's too cold. Cole of course is so handsome and your niece is a very beautiful girl.

Missy's Blog said...

Just look at that white sandy beach ... it's just so pretty! We haven't been to the beach since 2006 ... maybe next summer.