Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello My Friends!
Cole and I spent many hours today finishing up our Christmas shopping..Whew..I am finished with the madness.I had already finished buying Cole's Christmas presents but he wanted to buy for his Dad, Katie and his Nanny so we hit the Mall's first{luv me some Target} and then Best Buy for him to use his giftcard that Uncle Mike(Jeff's brother) gave him for Christmas..While we were in town and on the way home we heard on the radio about 7 vehicle accidents in the area today so if you are out shopping anywhere please be careful it is crazy out there::))


Bonnie said...

Isn't it great to have your shopping done. I thought I was done and then realized we had to buy for Alicia (Hut's daughter) and Wade's girlfriend Erin. Erin likes Stars, so how hard could that be? Well it's hard. I can't find anything. Alicia is getting a gift card because even she doesn't know what she wants. Now you get to have fun, fun, fun wrapping all those gifts.....wait, Cole, where are you going? You have to help too!

Andi said...

Looks like we may try and brave the mall today ourselves. I'm so far behind that it's hard telling when my family will get their gifts!!! Actually, I do have a lot of it done and wrapped...I just want to get a few little things.

People are crazy on the road when they have lots to do. They're crazier about parking spaces...yikes!!!

Hugs, Andi