Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's that time ...To send out Thank You Cards and Glitz is offfering this free printable Birdie Thank You card and I think it's just the cutest little Birdie Card I wanted to share the link w/ you guys::))
Have a creative day we are (Trina,Katie, Karie And Me) scrappin at my house today later when the kid gets out of the bed::))
Talk to ya soon!


Missy's Blog said...

That is definately a cute bird card.

I'm so jealous ... I wish Bonnie and I could invite ourselves over to your house to scrapbook with ya'll. Hope you have LOADS of fun!

Cecile said...

Missy, I wish that You,Bonnie and Andi could get together with our little group to scrapbook.That would be awesome becasue we always have alot of fun when we get the girls together and yesterday we had the kiddos running around too so Griffin would have fun too..I can wish can't I ???