Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art Show At Cole's School

The middle school band even came over to play Jazz for the show:)

This was the first year Art was offered in Cole's school and he absolutely loves it and as a fundraiser for the Art Department the students made stamps out of foam and them stamped the images on white paper and then lastly they were framed and they displayed a picture for each child and they held a art show so that the parents, family could come out to the school and purchase the art or just take a peek at what the little artists are doing:) We thought it was GREAT because my boy loves art so much:)
Have a great night!!Hope ya had a good weekend!!!
I have been crazy busy trying to get cleaning done and I have gotta get Cole to bed early every night this week because we have CRCT testing the whole week!!!Ugh!!! I will be at the school proctoring for three days!!I will be glad when the stress of the test is over this week::))


Bonnie said...

What a great event! Such talented kids. Cole is an awesome artists, I've seen some of his work up close and personal. I think it's wonderful that the school did this fundraiser and let the kids show off their talent.

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... that is a terrific event. I'm so glad they did it too. It's so important to allow the children to express themselves with art.