Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Pictures

We had a little egg hunt for Cole in the "Back Yard" because he didn't want to go to our family egg hunt where we all get the younger kids together at my Aunt's house after dinner each year because he is to old for that stuff (per Him)...Well, After grilling out Sunday Cole says "Mama did you get any plastic eggs???We can hide them in the "Back Yard" and I had bought several bags from Walmart just in case he changed this mind so I guess that was all good::))He was so funny looking around the front of our house to make sure no one was looking:) So we had a Back Yard Easter egg hunt hmmm....That would be a good title for my scrapbook page....We were on spring break last week in Tn. and that's why my Easter pics are so late but I also have some Mountain pics I want to share so maybe tomorrow I will get them loaded..Thanks for peeking:)
Have a great night!!!


Wendy said...

Hi Cecile...I left you a little something on my

Bonnie said...

How funny that he is too "big" to hunt with cousins, but he still wants to hunt eggs at home. There's nothing better than a private egg hunt and you don't have to share with others ,lol. I loved all those pictures. Cole is such a character. I worked Easter Sunday, so nothing exciting for me.

Andi said...

Love your Easter pictures! And those eggs you dyed are the tri-colored one.

Our grandson is 21 and I still hide an egg for him every Easter. It's a plastic one and he knows it has money in it so he's always happy to go egg the house...for his special egg.

Anonymous said...