Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been in a Rut:)

Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in on you??Well, That's been me lately..Don't know why just know that I have been feeling bad..So, I am feeling lots better today and I have got to catch up on my blogging..I took these pics Sunday when Cole was giving Daisy a ride around in his Mule and of course he had to stop and give her sugars:)Every Dog needs a Boy:)

I hope Y'all have a great Wednesday we are having a rainy day today but we need it and it makes the temps cooler so I will take it:)
Cya soon!!


Missy's Blog said...

Love these pictures of Cole and Daisy. You are right ... every dog does need a boy. Griffin wants a dog soooo bad. It may happen one day soon.

Cecile, I can totally relate to being down and "in a rut". I've been feeling that way too. I hope we both feel better and get out of our ruts.

Anonymous said...

Chin up girly, life is GOOD! ;) Cute pics of the boy and dog.

Bonnie said...

How can you and Missy be "in a rut"? It's's getting cooler, the holidays are upon us. I do know how you feel, been there numerous times this past year. I'm glad you are feeling better. Who wouldn't feel better with a cute boy and cute dogs to take pictures of. I need 3 more boys at my house for the dogs, lol.

ScrappyGypsy said...

I kinda feel that way too! But I am thinking that now, with cooler temps and all sorts of fall/holiday stuff coming up, maybe...just maybe...things will lighten up around here! My friend April is coming over to scrap Monday and I am sure that will help, plus a good time at church Sunday will TOTALLY lift me up! Hang in there girl...and let's do a mental health breakfast at Cracker Barrel one day SOON!