Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at our house and a scrappy find...

After having a sick kid Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I have had alot of time to surf the computer in between checking temps and cleaning up grossness that my sick boy could not help:(< Don't think I'm not counting my blessings cause I know we have many:) He is feeling a teeny tiny bit better now.The Dr. said that there is a bad strain of Bronchitis going around and that Cole had that so it is definitely not going any where fast..I just hope he get some time during his break to play and enjoy himself before school starts back..
Now, On to my findings Maya Road has these fabulous flowers called Velvet Puff Blossoms and I might just have to get me some..wink;)

Check out the Maya Road link above they have several different styles..

This pic below is from the Maya Road website but the pic below is the actual card that I originally found the flower on and started my search.


Michelle said...

OOOOO THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! I hope Cole recovers quickly and is back to his usual self, playing and having a good time on his break from school!

Missy's Blog said...

I hope Cole is feeling better soon. Bless his heart.

Those flowers are really pretty! I've never seen anything like them.

Bonnie said...

I know Cole is in great hands and that he will be feeling better soon. It was good to talk to you even though you are under the weather too. I love those flowers, may have to check them out. Hopefully I'll feel like doing something other than complain and stress once Christmas is put away. Hugs and Kisses.