Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have offically Lost My Scrappin' MoJo ~~My Confession:(

I do not know whats up with me lately but I have officially lost all interest in scrapping:(

It used to be all that I though about doing when I had the spare time but since I opened

the scrapbook store and within months had to close it and sell off a mother load of product and not to mention the mountain of product still sitting in boxes counted and pics taken ready for EBay in my scrapbook room I know that that is so non-inspiring for me so I have decided to turn over a new leaf for 2010. I am going to close down the website and forum from the business(I am in the process of selling that stuff off cheap)at the end of this year and try to first and foremost focus more on my family,keeping my house more tidy and lastly focus on redoing my scraproom,organizing all of the scrappin supplies I have and actually feel like sitting down and scrapping..I would hate to give up a hobby I once loved so dearly so I am going to regroup in the new year (maybe before then if I get my behind in gear)..

I did purchase a "Clip It Up" so I am hoping I can get my stickers/alpha's in plain view so that I will see them and use them because I am a out of sight out of mind kinda girl..

This is a pic I borrowed from the Clip It Up Website.

This is the actual stock photo on the website:)

I also have a huge selection of Bazzill Cardstock(my fav) store in Cropper Hopper vertical storage by color on my bookshelf(in sight)..

I have just got to stop being a slacker that's why I am putting this out here on the blog hoping my confession will help me with my MoJo block:)

Thanks for listening to me babble on about my pitiful self::))That's another thing I am going to work on posting on my blog and sharing my pages i really miss blogging so I have gotta do better:)


Bonnie said...

Well I saw the first comment and was like "Oh Wow!". Delete, delete, delete. Anyways, girl, all of us go through that kind of rut every once in awhile. YOU are entitled to yours. And this time of year, everyone is so much busier, it's hard to keep up with things we love. You'll get your MOJO back. Just take a much deserved rest, enjoy your family and friends and when the time is right, you'll start scrappin' again. Don't set any time lines for this. We still love ya, no matter what. (((HUGS)))

Linda said...

So sorry to hear that! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get your MOJO back real soon.

Michelle said...

I understand! I went thru a similar period a couple years back....had to do with a different situation but all the same, I could not even think of scrapbooking. It will come back, and you will have a different view on things! Your pages are always great, and you have great subject material :)

debevans said...

Merry Christmas! Your "mojo" will come back :)

Grin and Barrett said...

Okay Cecile....Chin up girlie! It sounds like you are on the right track. Things are going to get better it's just a matter of getting everything cleared and off your plate. I can't wait to hear in 2010 what you have created. :)

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Many Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Ah, the mysterious mojo... yes grasshoppa I too hope it returns to you. ;) You've always impressed me with your positive personality and happy attitude. Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year!