Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow much FUN!

Cole and his friend made a small snowman they were so proud that the snow really did come to our house and it actually stuck to the grass where there were no trees..

My snow angel.
What an awesome night and just think of the scrapbook page possibilities!!!I hope you had a little of the white stuff where you are if you were wishing for it:) I know my boy was wishing for it and it finally came true it is the first snow he had actually got to play in we have been in Tn. before when it had snowed and banked up on the roadways but he couldn't play in it..I really thought he would wake up today sick because he was outside in it for at least an hour but he is well thank God::)
Cya soon!


debevans said...

We didn't get any snow out here on the Island :(

Cecile said...

Awww...sorry..I know your kiddo's would have loved it:)

Missy's Blog said...

Cecile ... I'm so happy you guys got some snow. I tell you ... ya'll have to come visit us in February and you will see lots of the white stuff!!

Love all your pictures. They are going to make some incredible pages!

Deanna said...

Mary LOVED the snow, too! She has some memories of the snow in Indiana, but doesn't remember all the times she hated to bundle up! She was outside in the snow for a good hour and a half when it was snowing here. She had a blast! She even had the dog out there with her!

Bonnie said...

LOVE all the snow pictures. My fav is the snowman. Glad Cole's wish came true and that he didn't get sick.