Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day In Savannah Georgia

The crowds of people on River Street.

The floats in the parade.

The Greening of the fountains.

Another River Street shot...This is why I didn't brave the parade this year Cole and I went to Michael's and AC Moore's and went to Logan's Steak House for lunch and had a great time together and missed all of the crowds...yep we wimped out this year when it comes to the Parade and River Street:) I just borrowed these pics from last year:)
I am finishing off the day with Corned Beef in the crock pot and cooking cabbage separately w/bacon because the hubby doesn't like his cabbage cooked w/the meat because he makes Reuben Sandwiches:)yummy...can't wait until it is ready.
Have a fabulous rest of the week:)


Deanna said...

This is our 3rd St. Pat's day in Georgia and every year I see those kind of pictures and am SO glad I didn't go! lol

debevans said...

We went this year and it didn't seem like their were as many people as last year. Some photos I took are on my blog :)


Michelle said...

We considered going before my surgery was scheduled, since it was my husband's first ST Pats off work. However, having surgery changes a LOT of things! We did not go, but went to the Tybee on Saturday. That rocks, since I can sit in my mom's front yard and go inside the house when I am ready. The parade was great, small, local folks, but a great time. We plan to make this family oriented parade our tradition from here on out.