Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am feeling a bit slack these days...

Our Thanksgiving pictures
Daytona Beach, Florida~ Jeff and I
Paris riding in the car on the trip down to Fl.
The beautiful beach where we stayed:)
Our Thanksgiving dinner was @ Bubba Gumps Seafood and I must say it was delicious!
And dessert wasn't half bad either.....

Christmas is nearly approaching and I have Cole's presents taken care of but that's all I have a short little list to finish because we really have a small family so it's not that bad I just haven't been in the shopping mood this season but I will have to get to it really soon before it's to late:)I just don't know what to buy my Mom, my 20 year old Niece, my Hubby it seems that these days everybody has everything they want and it is so much harder to pick something that they would like..Oh, and my Christmas cards are not ready either today is Dec 11th and I should have already mailed them..ugh...I have received several cards already and I am so slack but that to is on the list for this weekend and mail then out Monday and say a little prayer that they get to everybody before Christmas..Well, Thanks for listening to my ranting in a scrooge like way I am cleaning today (really deep cleaning) and hopefully I will be able to get creative a little later today and tomorrow because it looks like the rain in set in for both days.
Hope you have an awesome weekend!
And last my Christmas Tree the pic didn't turn out to well it is done in lime green and red:)
Thanks for visiting!


Michelle said...

I am a big time slacker right now. Just realized I have not updated my blog in two weeks!!!!!

Bonnie said...

It seems slacking is the way for Christmas anymore. My DIL came up with the idea that since Jesus only got 3 presents, we should all only get 3 presents. I have taken that idea and run with it. Made my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier. Plus I have shopped quite a bit online this year. If it wasn't for Scott and Liz we would have no yard decorations or a tree up. And I am sooooo jealous that you ate at Bubba Gumps for Thanksgiving...I LOVE Bubba Gumps and I would have driven 2 hours to eat there with you. Merry Christmas!