Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy Saturday

Cole wants to go see the Yogi Bear movie in 3D so we are going to see that at 1:30 and lunch before that where oh where I don't know somewhere not so expensive because he is taking a friend and that means 2 of everything (you know the "rent a friend program" heheh j/k)and of course he wants to go to his favorite dessert joint a new frozen yogurt place that has opened up near us named Lovin' Spoons from what I understand it is a chain FroYo place that has started it's franchise in Savannah Georgia and it is yummy. My boy loves it and it bordering on addiction.... We had a great week with Cole's classes and he deserves a treat:)Check out the link above in purple if you are local it is really good and low-fat/sugar:)

I do know one thing the weather is going to be another yucky day Rain and High of only 53 degrees so I am glad it will be an inside day for us:)
Stay dry and warm:)

Have a GREAT weekend!


Deanna said...

Have fun at the movies!!! It's been pouring this morning here!

Michelle said...

Marissa loves Lovin' Spoons too!

Bonnie said...

Movies and lunch is a great way to spend a yucky day of rainy weather.