Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May!

I can't hardly believe that May is already here and that summer is among us.We are about to be finished with our homeschool year (we only did 1 semester starting Jan.1, 2011) but I am very pleased with our progress and excited to start next year out as a new adventure and not starting at the half year point.

I have been a VERY BAD blogger lately because we had our spring break(went camping & hubby on vacation),my new stores Ebay/Etsy have been keeping me busy which is awesome and keeping all the homeschooling records up to date leaves me little me time but no complaining here:)Okay now on to some scrappy stuff......

One of my newest ADDICTIONS Tattered Angels

If you have ever used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist or Glimmer Glam you know it becomes one of those "gotta have on hand" products.  It adds so much depth from all the colors you can layer on, or just the right amount of that much needed sparkle our projects are always begging for! If you haven't tried TA Glimmer Mist or Glimmer Glam try it out and I am sure you will be as addicted as I am:)

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