Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My First SWAP..And a new SB store...

I am excited to participate in my first (flower) swap from A Lil Scrap of Heaven- Cynthia's Flower Swap, I am nervous because, I am hoping that everyone that gets my flowers likes them because everyone has different taste in style..Anywho, I am working on them now and as soon as I finish I will post pics..Here is the link if ya want to go over and check out the forum: A Lil Scrap Of Heaven

Visit A Lil Scrap of Heaven

And....A new scrapbook store is coming pretty close to our area (to bad it's not in Savannah) but Jacksonville Florida is not to far for a day trip....check them out....
The Enchanted Scrapbook

12276-701 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville  FL   32223

The Enchanted Scrapbook Facebook Page

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Bonnie said...

I love you flowers and I KNOW everyone else will too. I am going to check out the Jacksonville store website. If you do take a day trip their, please do it on a Saturday so I can meet you there. I'd love to get together even if just for a couple of hours.