Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lookie what I found.....

Glitz has a few new lines coming out and I just love this one "Kismet"..
I don't think they have the sneaks on their website yet i got an email from them but I linked the website just in case ya want to check it out:)

kis·met (kiz′met, kis′-):
fate; destiny Must be fate.... the Kismet line is bound to end up in everybody's scrapbook stash! It's that fabulous...you just really can't do without it.

Just wanted to share with ya:)
Cya soon!


Jamie said...

Mmmm... I especially like the pattern that looks like a gameboard. Cute stuff!

debevans said...

Hmmm...I like it ;)

Deanna said...

Very cool!