Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is it only Tuesday???

Well, I am not one to wish my days away but I am so looking forward to the end of this school year.Not because my only child will be in middle school in the fall but, because this has been one stressful year so far with all of the stress of the CRCT's (Georgia Standardized Testing) at Cole's school (they finished up last Friday and we are awaiting the results)and the fact that he only has 1 day remaining to miss and stay legal at school. He has had some major problems with migraine headaches this year and the other crud's that go around a school..Cole is an honor roll student but when you put that much stress on 11 year old kids that if they don't pass this test they will be retained in the 5Th grade and will not be promoted it really makes it harder on their performance worrying about the test...Any who, I am probably worrying for nothing but what if????? I have prayed about it every day and know we are in good hands I just have got to let the worry go:)now, I am off to finish dinner and help Cole work on a project for school..Fun..Fun..
I hope you have a great week!


Bonnie said...

You worry every year and every year everything works out just fine. You will be fine this year too. You worry way too much. I guess that's why we get along so well, lol.

Cecile said...

Bonnie-You know me to well I have been praying and put it in God's hands and I know it will all work out:)HUGS!!!!

debevans said...

Try not to worry but as a Mom I know it's hard not to worry a little :)

We are wishin' for Summer down here too!!!

♥ Deborah

Deanna said...

You know what? Mary's teachers were SO great here in Rincon! There was No stress put on them! At West Chatham she heard all the high-stress stuff and it made her nuts. I think the way the schools and teachers go about trying to 'encourage' the kids to do well really stinks. Threats don't work. (Can you tell I feel real strongly about this???? lol) I know he'll be fine!!!

Jamie said...

I hear ya about the one day left to miss thing... Miss Priss only has two days she can miss and I'm sweatin' it! ;)
As for the CRCT... you KNOW he's gonna be fine, and even if it doesn't pass it for some flukey reason, he'll get another chance to take it. That's right, if a kid fails (at least in Chatham Co.) he can go to a summer school like class thingy and then retake the crct at the end.
Keepin' my fingers crossed! ;)