Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Sunday :))

These layouts are a couple that I will be listing on Ebay today.I love how the little paper pieced umbrella turned out:))
The pictures above are of my ribbon storage for the ribbon that I buy that comes on cards,small rolls or by the foot I also have the storage cases(2) from Michaels that you can store rolls of ribbon in .The storage bag above is just a make-up case from walmart w/ lots of holes punched in for access to the ribbon.The only problem w/ this storage is the ribbon sometimes wants to tangle up when you pull it out but I seem to manage that pretty well.

*******If anyone has any ideas about ribbon storage please send them my way!!Thanks:))


15minL8 said...

Your scrapbook pages are beautiful!!! You might want to take a look at using a Ribbon Ring for storage. I have one ring for each color. I got mine at The ribbon does not get tangled.

Cecile said...

Thanks for the compliment you are to sweet:))
Thanks for the information on the ribbon rings I check that site out.I need to do something with my ribbon mess!
Have a great week!

Missy's Blog said...

Cecile ... I agree ... your scrapbook pages are awesome!!

I love ribbon too ... this is a great idea for storage!