Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jr. Bakers!

Breaking the eggs gently... Casey giggling too hard to do anything else..
Okay a half smile:))
Cole and his Best Friend Casey baked a cake today and I have to share the cute pictures of these monsters in my kitchen..It wasn't purty!!! No just kidding they had a ball until I removed the cake from the oven and sat it in the middle of the island counter and said "It will take about 30 minutes to cool before y'all can icing the cake ". I went into my scraproom and my child came in behind me with a blister on his chin????? He stuck his chin to the pyrex container that had just came out of the oven --350 degrees???? And his reasoning for this would be "TO SMELL THE CAKE" So thats why we dont have the finished product pictures:((
Anywho, The cake turned out lovely and with just a war wound on Cole's chin (A yucky blister)..
Have a GREAT week!!


Andi said...

Great pictures Cecile! Cole and Casey look like they're having a great time baking. Don't you just love your Kitchenaid stand mixer! I love mine...not sure how I baked before I had it.

You asked about the Georgia Brighton bracelet. I'll have to get it out and check the charms. I remember it has a peach, and a southern belle...and her legs are like the clapper for a bell...they cute. It was the second one I got after Florida.

ScrappyGypsy said...

That is too funny! A blister on his chin! Just priceless! (I am sorry he got hurt, but it is kind of funny). You didn't tell us how the cake tasted? Bet it was yummy!

Missy's Blog said...

Sweet Silly Kids ... bet it the BEST cake they've ever had since they made it themselves!!