Monday, April 14, 2008

Through Those Eyes!!

My sweet BOY!! I love to live life through your eyes!!
You are such a Silly,Sweet,Rotten BOY!!!!!
I hope everybody has a GREAT week!! I have been busy working on the DT stuff and just wanted to say "HEY" !!
I was having blogger withdrawals:))
Hugs!! Cecile


Missy's Blog said...

Can you imagine reliving our lives right now, BUT getting to experience them with the whimsy of a child ... wow! I often wonder what Griffin feels about a situation and how it will help him develop into the young man I dream he will be.

Can't wait to see the DT stuff ... you'll be able to share with us, right?

Andi said...

Hey Cecile! How's the Design Team creations going? Hope you'll show us what you make.

That's a good looking young man you have there!

Cecile said...

Hi Andi and Missy!
I am going to post the layouts and other stuff on here when I deliver them to the new store..Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!
Thanks Andi for the compliment on my "BOY" I think he is handsome but you know I am partial:))