Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help...How do you store your acrylic stamps???

Hey yall!
I have all of these acrylic stamps and do not have a clue how to store them and keep them together so if I wanted to take them to a crop I could ???
If anyone can help me out with ideas of a storage solution I would be so so GREATFUL!

Thanks so much:))

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I likey this quote:)
Have a great night!


*Jilly* said...

Close To My Heart has a storage container for theirs. They also have a container for their blocks.

Maybe you could store them in a 3-ring binder if they are on a sheet that you could punch holes in?

Bonnie said...

Can't help with the acrylic stamps, but I do like that quote. Have a great day!

Missy's Blog said...

I only have a few stamps and honestly they are still in the original packages they came in.

I hope you find something you like to store your stash.

jamietg said...

Maybe you could keep 'em in clear c.d. cases? I like Jilly's notebook idea too. ;)

debevans said...

I keep mine in a big 3-ring binder. I'll post pictures for you on my scrapbook blog :)

Dawn said...

I have seen the cd cases and they wirk good, you could also put them in baseball card sleeves and then a 3 ring notebook. I have a multi compartment zipper bag, that I have mine in, I have lots more rubber stamps than acrylic. I have also seen people at crops that have their stamps in photo boxes with tabbed dividers. The boxes like at Michaels, that you store pictures in. You can file them by theme. That looks pretty neat to me, if you have large cards of stamps. I will take a photo of my bag and add it to my blog for you to see. Its actually a sewing bag, that came with my moms machine.
Wow this was way loong.
Dawn :)

Dawn said...

Oh here is the blog.

Dawn :)