Monday, August 25, 2008

Sharing Some Layouts

This is a page I did last night of some pictures of Cole playing
on the playground at the hotel when we vacationed in Virginia 2007.

This is the page I did for the Sketchbook New Zealand Olympics this is the first round and the counrty I picked was Brazil because the US was already taken and the competition was Cycling so you had to use circle/dot paper and circle embellishments. The olympics will last for 6 weeks and each week there is a different Competition/Challenge so far I have completed the warm-up challenge and the first challenge.You can join in any week if you haven't already it's really alot of FUN:))
Thanks for looking!!

This link will take you to the gallery so that you can see all of the participants:))


Missy's Blog said...

Ms. Cre-Ate-Tiv-i-TEE has struck again!! I wanna scrapbook with you ... wanna go come and scrap together??????

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Olympics Challenge sounds confusing, but fun...and I LOVE that layout!! Go get 'em Tiger!

Bonnie said...

Once again....AWESOME job. I just know you are gonna get some GOLD! And of course, the model is fabulous, too. Great Job!

Dawn said...

Great LO's. WHat is the Pink Paisle link on your blog?
I have added some new pages, if you have time check them out.
Dawn :)

Cecile said...

Hey Dawn,
The Pink Paislee link on my blog is a Live Forum for PP it's alot of fun you should join:))

Sassy Sasha said...

Love those LO's