Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Saturday!
It's a yucky rainy day at our house today.
So I am going to try and get some scrappin time in tonight after dinner.
I hope that everyone is having a GREAT saturday!!!


Grin and Barrett said...


Bummer on the rainy day. Beautiful here in Ohio. In the mid 70's and sunny. We have to take it when we can get it. :o) I hope you were able to put some sun on some paper. Have a wonderful day!

Bonnie said...

We've had a few showers off and on. We still need rain. I'm sure you will fit in time to scrap....and a rainy day is a good time to do it.

Andi said...

Perfect weather for scrappin'!

I just read the earlier post...I love that you cut your chin off the picture!!! I always used to say if I stood on the outside of the group picture I could crop off my hips or anything else I didn't want to be seen!!! The very thing I like best about scrappin!!!