Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brrr..It's Cold Here! Family Reading Night!

We have "Family Reading Night" at Cole's school tonight and this year you can test on
Accelerated Reader Books so we are going so that Cole can check out some new books and test on one while we are there.The school offers all kinds of special treats it you meet or exceed your AR goal and when you get in the higher grades there is less opportunity to test during school so we are off to do some reading::))
Now to the Brrr....It's Cold Here. It has been cold and windy here in the 50's and low tonight in the 20's Brrrr...The cold wind doesn't go with the earache but I will be bundling up w/ a scarf.I have got homemade veggie soup and cornbread cooking now to have when we get back from the school!!

Have a WONDERFUL night!


Trina said...

Have fun at reading night. Soup sounds good but I have a big pot of chili cooking right now. With some cheese and sour cream. Yum Yum:))

Bonnie said...

Enjoy your soup, sounds yummy. We are gonna get cold here, the 30's. Talking about a freeze, brrrrr. The grocery store was out of chili fixins and 15 bean soup that I wanted to try. Oh well maybe next cold spell. Have fun reading!