Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Little Chef

My sweet boy cooked dinner the other night for us while I was under the weather he and his Dad had Manwich while I ate Soup I know not so yummy but I had to share the pics of Cole in the Kitchen he is really getting good at this supervised cooking Jeff was behind the camera just in case he needed him::))
Have a good night !!!


Bonnie said...

You have to start somewhere. My first "meal" I cooked was scrambled eggs. Cole did a great job. And Jeff took some good pics. Hopefully you'll start feeling 100% soon. I can tell you're not there yet. If you have a chance, leave Missy a comment. She is giving away a darling owl ornament and I know how much you like owls.

Andi said...

Your little Chef Cole looks like he's a natural there in front of the stove whipping up some sloppy joes! I love Manwich!!!

My brother Doug always wanted to cook or bake something when he was growing up and he's still a great cook and he's in his 60's. His wife loves it too!!!