Monday, January 19, 2009

Tagged By My Friends Andi & Bonnie

I have been tagged by my friends Andi & Bonnie. I was so lucky to meet both of these sweet girls and Missy(Missy made it) who is also a sweetie last Thanksgiving and I am hoping for another visit soon::))...
Now here are the directions: Open a document or photo folder, choose the 5th folder and then the 5th photo in that folder. Do a post describing the photo. Okay this is the picture.
This is a picture of my kitty Molly yawning. I have never been able to catch anything like this on my old digital camera but my new Rebel takes several pics in seconds so I was able to capture this pic of Molly yawning..I promise she is not vicious this is not a flattering pic of her::))

Now for the fun part I get to tag 5 people to play.

Trina, Missy Mclain, Jennifer B., Michelle and Deb

Have fun!

Thanks Andi for letting me play along!


Bonnie said...

Great shot of the cat. The cat does look ferocious with those fangs. Don't you just love tags???? I think they are fun and we learn new things about others. Thanks for playing.

Andi said...

What a great picture!