Tuesday, March 10, 2009

♥ New "Crate Paper" Yumminess♥

If this doesn't get ya excited about scrappin I don't know what will???

I see birdies, flowers, little houses and stinkin' cute mushrooms::))
Here is the link to the "Crate Paper" website so that you can check out the other collections::))

♥New Pink Paislee Yumminess♥

I have always loved "Pink Paislee" and this seasons collection is no exception..I want some of all of the collections.I really like the "Fetching" collection alot I think I will order all of that one and I want some of each of the other ones...I want!! I want!!! I want!!! (I hope my dh doesn't read this post) I wish we still had our LSS because Linda the owner also loved PP and I would be able to get it all::)) We miss ya Linda!!!!! Here is the link to the Pink Paislee gallery where you can check out what the talent are doing with this yummy stuff!!
Thanks for letting me share my debilitating addition with you. If only they had a pill for a paper addiction :)Have a GREAT night!


ScrappyGypsy said...

oooo yummy! How can we be expected to pick just one collection?

debevans said...

I miss our scrapbook store :(
I'm in love with Cosmo Cricket right now..so cute!

Judi said...


Missy's Blog said...

Oh my good gracious ... this stuff is awesome!!

Griffin and I stayed overnight with Mike in Chesapeake last night and I found a great scrapbook store called All About Scrapbooks. They had some amazing things ... stuff I've never seen before! I'll have to take some pictures to share.