Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random.....Farm(ish) Stuff...

My Mom..(She felt very comfy beside this old tractor because she worked on one like it in her younger days)

Okay...I know your thinking what is up the the tractors...We were at the Strawberry Festival a few weeks back and they had a car/farm equipment show and I though what a great photo-op..You know pictures for some different scrapbook pages and not to mention these machines are a part of history..I know I am thinking like a scrapbooker or just was having a blonde moment..Anywho..I love the pictures and now I have to find some farm(ish) paper and embellies to do them justice...Oh Yeah...Did i mention it is summer here?? No more school for a while and very warm temps mostly high 80's to 90's..Fun!!Fun!!
Hope you have a Fab weekend!

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Bonnie said...

I LOVE tractors. I LOVE these pictures. Who cares if you were thinking scrapping op when you took them? Aren't scrapping ops memories? Of course they are. Just look at your Mama...she was remembering working with that tractor. We have a tractor "fair" here every year where they actually drive the tractors through some of the small towns and then have a festival over the weekend. Every year I want to go. I've yet to get there. Next year, by golly, I'm going, lol! Enjoy the summer with your growing boy. Love ya!