Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Yucky Day In Georgia :(

We are having another yucky day today and a threat of severe weather later today. I feel really bad for those that have been affected by this weather system in Alabama and where ever else it had affected I think there are tornados and hail involved and thats what scares me. I have my "BOY' home with me now and I feel better. I hate for him to be at school when bad weather rolls in:)) He is a car rider so I ran over to pick him up :))
I hope that you are having good weather were you are I know It could always be worst here too!
Have a GREAT afternoon!!


Kari said...

I think we missed out on the really severe weather, I hope. It looks like Friday may be yucky too. That is a cool picture though.
I hope tomorrow is nice, my child wants to go outside and play.

Missy's Blog said...

That sky is looking pretty ominous ... good for you for getting your Cole before the really bad weather came in.

We had some bad weather last night too. Instead of parking in the garage where I normally I, I had parked in the front yard to get groceries out and just never moved my car. All night long I worried about the winds blowing a big tree over on my car ... lol ... it didnt' happen ... it's the first thing I checked on this morning when I woke up.

Hope you have a great day!!