Monday, March 24, 2008


I was over on the Simple Scrapbooks blog and they have announced that Stacy Julian (Editor??) is leaving the magazine and on to bigger things and she is SO loved by everyone that reads their magazine(Me too) and her blog is very inspiring..Anywho I found this list below that someone had made a list of the things that Stacy had taught them and it was so interesting and inspiring I had to copy/paste and post on my blog..I hope you find it as inspiring as I did.

1. Always, always, always seek learning.
2. No memory is too small or insignificant to scrapbook
it is a simple as adding sprinkles to your pancakes to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.
3. Look for the good in others-you will by surprised by the outcome .
4. Everything looks better with a button or two attached.
5. Many of life’s lessons are learned in the kitchen alongside someone you care about.
6. Color represents more than mood or style, it represents you and your outlook (or what you want your outlook to be).
7. Surround yourself with happy bits such as, quotes, music, photos, and ribbon
quotes can sometimes say what you are feeling much better than what you can articulate.
8. Be brave in the way you act, think, and live.
9. When given a choice of either the merry go round or the roller coaster- always go with the roller coaster-it is much more exciting.
10. Look for the potential in others and do what you can to help them realize it.


Missy's Blog said...

What a great post ... and it is SO inspiring. I've lost my creative urge lately (hence no items in my Ebay store) ... maybe this will help to get those creative juices flowing once again!

ScrappyGypsy said...

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing this!

Andi said...

This is a wonderful post! The list is inspiring...I may have to refer back to it from time to time.